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Q: What does PRK and ADP mean in ESPN Fantasy Basketball?
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What does ADP mean in Fantasy Football?

Average Draft Position This the term used to describe where you'll usually find a specific player being drafted in fantasy mock drafts, or real fantasy league drafts.

What does ADP mean in computer terms?

in economic or job

What does ADP mean in a math question?

It could mean Automatic Data Processing, that is, using a computer for working with data.

Is adp enzyme?

No ADP is not an enzyme

Is removing phosphate from ATP to form ADP known as phosphorylation?

Phosphorylation is the addition of a phosphate to ADP to form ATP. ADP + P = ATP Dephosphorylation is the removal of a phosphate from ATP to form ADP. ATP - P = ADP

ADP Log In?

form_title= ADP Log In form_header= Create your ADP login. Who is your employer?*= _ [50] Have you ever used ADP before?*= () Yes () No Have you forgotten your password?*= () Yes () No

ATP production formula?

adp+p(i)--->atp ADP +P ---> ATP

What is the ticker symbol for ADP?

The ticker symbol for Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is ADP and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What kind of payroll is ADP?

ADP is an online payroll that simplifies the payroll process for an employer. ADP offers several options for input and payment.

How do ADP and ATP differ in amount of potential chemical energy?

ADP has less potential energy than ATP has. In fact, there are 7.3 kc less energy in ADP than in ATP.

How does ADP differ ATP?

The biggest difference between ATP and ADP is that ADP contains 2 phosphates. ATP contains 3 phosphates. ADP means adenine di-phosphate and ATP means adenine tri-phosphate.

What sugar does ADP contain?

Ribose is the sugar found in both ATP and ADP.