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Paul Fleming the founder (along with Phillip Chang) of the restaurant.

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Q: What does PF stand for in PF Changs the restaurant stand for?
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Does PF Changs Restaurant drug test?

Varies depending on location.

How much is a PF Changs franchise?

PF chang's is not a franchise.

Does PF Changs have takeout?


How expensive are PF changs lettuce wraps?

$10.00 to $50.00

What food did Stevie wonder like?

I read that he likes PF Changs.

Where can I find good PF Changs coupons for dinner?

You can find good PF Changs coupons for dinner at the grocery stores right on the package. You can also find coupons for the product in the sales advertisement.

Any PF Changs coupons in Spokane?

No there are not any PF changs coupons available online, but you can sign up for their newsletter. Go to and enter your email address for events, specials, and promotions.

Who owns PF changs?

Paul Fleming the one who also owns Flemings Steakhouse

Is there a site that will explain how Changs coupons work?

Unfortunately, there is no a website about PF changs coupons. However, there is an office open daily in James Ave., which gives a full information about the PF changs coupons. I can inform you that the prices are very fair and the quality is in a high standard too. I will definitely contact you in case a website opens for such coupons.

What does the position PF stand for?

PF = Power Forward.

What do the letters PF stand for in football stats?

If in stats for points, PF would stand for Points For.If in stats for penalties, PF would stand for Personal Fouls.

Can PF Chang's employees have piercings or tattoos?

Went to PF Changs in Indy today and had a waitress with both piercings and tattoos. I thought it was pretty cool they would hire somebody with visible tattoos. =]

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