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Q: What does PCT stand for in the standings part of NBA basketball scores?
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What does PCT stand for in the standings part of the football scores?

pct stands for points carrys and touchdowns average

Where might one look in an almanac to find previous years NCAA football scores for the Dallas Cowboys?

You would look under the sports part of if it says basketball or football. You can find it somewhere in the almanac for previous years scores of any professional team out here.

Is basketball a lever?

basketball is a sports, not a part of your body or anything else, if that is what you thought

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How long is the NBDE part 1 scores valid?

5 years

What is a gaurd in basketball?

The guard is, in defense, the person who stands in the front. When the offense dribble the ball down, the guard is the first able to contact the ball. They stand in the front of the box, the part closest to the half court line.

What does the white part of the Nigerian flag stand for?

The white part of Nigerian flag stand for peaces

What are the dimensions of a Philippines basketball court?

PBA is the Philippine Basketball Association, part of International basketball. For international games, the regulation size basketball court is 91.1 feet long and 49.2 feet wide.

How does a basketball become flat?

Type your answer here... A basketball can become flat by using a tool that is part of a pumper.

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What part of your hand do you dribble a basketball with?

with your fingertips

Was basketball part of the ancient Olympics?


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it stand for verb talk

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Depending on the specific basketball play software you ended up choosing. Most likely you will have that option when you set up the program since it is part of basketball play.

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the bladder

What part of a basketball court is in the shape of a trapezium?

the key

Which sport is the Brisbane Bullets a team?

The Brisbane Bullets played professional basketball. They were part of the Australian National Basketball League.

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well who cares! i don't

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hand eye coordination and reaction part mostly

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It's a verb.

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If you write Michael Jordan a letter from school as part of a graded project will he give you an autographed basketball?

If you send along a basketball he might sign it for you, but I wouldn't expect him to buy everyone a basketball.

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The Miami Heat are part of the National Basketball Association which is a professional basketball league in the United States.

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