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Over time average

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Q: What does OTA mean in football?
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What does OTA mean in the national football leauge?

Organized Team Activities

What are OTA's in NFL football?

Organized Team Activities

What are ota's in pro football?

organized teams actives

What does ota mean in the national football league?

Organized Team Activities. This is a fancy name for practices and meetings the teams have during the offseason.

What does ota mean in the motel business?

its means you ota not ask questions

What does OPA stand for in American football?

It's OTA, not OPA. It's an acronym for the phrase, organized team activities. It means football practices and it is a new rule that NFL teams from now on can only have practice with pads once per week.

What does ota stand for in football?

Organized Team Activities - term used for off season training and practices.

What does NFL OTA's mean?

Organized team activities

What does NFL ota mean?

Organized team activities

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By remote antenna, do you mean Over The Air (OTA). For the OTA, some receivers have a coax port on the back, TV antenna, where you can connect an outside antenna. From the receiver menu, you can scan the OTA channels into the receiver once the receiver has found the OTA channels. If this is not what you are asking, please let me know. Thanks.

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