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It means Olympic Record,and WO means world record.

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Q: What does OR mean in the Olympics results?
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How come there are no women results for the 1990 Olympics?

there were no Olympics in 1990

Where are 2004 track and field Olympics results?


Where are the 2014 Olympic games held?

If you mean the Summer Olympics, then there are no Olympics this year. If you mean the Winter Olympics, then they are to be held in 'Sochi'.

How do i find the results of the last olympic games?

Click on the '2004 Summer Olympics' and '2006 Winter Olympics' links below to read more. There will be a listing of sports played at each Olympics partway through the article. Click on a sport to find out the results.

What does Dakkha mean?


What does mean mean in science?

Mean is the average value of a set of results. It's the sum of all the results divided by the number of results.

What would happen if the media was banned from the Olympics?

We would get no results or updates on how the athletes were going We would get no results or updates on how the athletes were going

What does acoustic signal mean Olympics?

it mean i have no clue

What does the London Olympics logo mean?

probably means 2012 london olympics

What are Michael Phelps' results so far in the Olympics?

Men's 400m Individual Medley

What does the doves mean at the Olympics?

They mean peace for all the countries.

When is the first day of the Olympics?

8/8/08, if you mean 2008 Summer Olympics.

Is hockey in the Olympics in Beijing 2008?

If you mean turf hockey then yes it is in the 2008 Olympics

What does GBR mean in the Olympics?

GBR is the abbreviation for the country of Great Britain that participates in the Olympics.

What does results mean in the scientific method?

Results mean what has finally happened at the end. Hope this helps! :)

What is the mean of the Olympics rings?

what does the 5 circle mean in Olympics they represtent the 5 main continents coming together and competing i think...........

Does the word results of mean?


Where were the 2007 winter olympics held at?

I believe there were no 2007 winter Olympics. If you mean the 2006 Winter Olympics, they were held in Turin, Italy.

What does boycotting the Olympics mean?

Fight my mamma

What does determination mean in the Olympics?

when you determined you success

What does the color black mean in he Olympics?


What does para mean in Paralympics?

Parallel to the Olympics.

What does equality for Olympics mean?

It means your dome

What does interpretation of results mean?

it just means explain the results you got

What results would someone need to earn a gold medal in basketball at the Olympics?

Win the whole tournement