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Q: What does NFL playoff bracket look like?
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Is the Dallas versus Eagles game a single elimination playoff game?

yes, like all NFL playoff games.

Where is it possible to view the NFL playoff schedule?

It is possible to view the NFL playoff schedule on the NFL main website. Besides the schedule, one can see statistics for all the teams, wins, losses, injuries and future playoff schedules.

What NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game?

which NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game

What is the longest playoff streak in the NFL?


Is the broncos vs. steelers playoff game the only overtime playoff game in nfl history?


Can the Atlanta Falcons make it to the NFL playoff season?


Do NFL teams profit from playoff appearances?

the players get a profit from playoff appearances. so do the coaches. not the staff though.

How much does a umpire in the NFL make?

How much does an NFL Umpire make for a playoff football game?

Which team has the longest active consecutive playoff appearances for the NHL MLB NFL NBA?

The NFL.

What does a NFL union card look like?

like an nfl unioun card

Which NFL division has the most playoff appearances?

NFC East

How are the super bowl teams picked in the NFL?

playoff winners