What does Morgan mean in volleyball?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Well William Morgan invented volleyball so it has something to do with his last name.

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Q: What does Morgan mean in volleyball?
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Who start volleyball?

William G. Morgan invented volleyball

Who invented volleyball and where at?

William Morgan Invented Volleyball

Who found Volleyball?

William Morgan is the person who invented volleyball.

What did William Morgan do?

William Morgan Created Volleyball.

Who discover volleyball?

No one discovdered volleyball. William Morgan invented Mintonette (now called volleyball) in a YMCA in Massachusetts.

Who thought of volleyball?

William Morgan thought of the idea for Volleyball.

Who give the name as volleyball?

James Morgan invented volleyball - resistance and William Smith - Morgan is a pair of friends .

Who is said to the father of volleyball?

William G. Morgan

Who was the fist to discover the volleyball and the dateof which the volleyball was discovered?

william g. morgan

Who is the person who discover the volleyball?

William G. Morgan

Who discovered volleyball game?

Gouiliam Morgan

Who implemented volleyball?

William G. Morgan