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it mean the best one

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Q: What does MVP mean in foootball?
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When foootball was integrated?


What does MVP mean in Super Bowl?

MVP - Most Valuable Player.

What does mvp mean in basketball?

In basketball MVP means Most Valuable Player.

What does mvp mean when texting?


What does it take to become a foootball player?

it takes time!

Who won between Jeff hardy and mvp at summerslam?

Mvp won cause he cheated. Jeff was about to swanton Mvp when Shelton Benjamin came out and pushed Jeff off the top and mvp won :( Mean ol' cheatin' MVP!!!!

How many MVP does Tom Brady have?

It depends on what type of MVP you mean. If you mean the MVP of the league Tom Brady has two, one in 2007 and the second in 2010. If you mean Superbowl MVPs than he also has two, in in Superbowl XXXVI and Superbowl XXXVIII.

What sport is foootball?

Football is the National Football League (NFL)

What does mvp mean in baseball?

Most Valuable Player

What does MVP mean in medicine?

mitral valve prolapse

What does mvp in blackshot mean?

Most Valuable Player

Which country won world youth foootball championship 2004?


What is the schedual of a pro foootball player?

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat

What does MVP mean on a basketball team?

Most Valuable Player.

What does mvp mean in Jersey Shore?

Mike, Vinny, Pauly

What is NBA finals mvp mean?

It means Most Valueable Player of the NBA Finals

What is Adam Sandlers Favourtie Sport?

adam sandlers favourite sport is Foootball

What does MVP mean?

Most Valuable Player Most Valuable Professional

What does mvp mean with regards to cars?

manufacor veh. price............suggested

Which game the word 'BULLEY' relates to?

Wrestling,foootball,basketball,mixed martial arts

Is jbl better then mvp?


Who is the best foootball player in the world?

Leo Messi is The best football player in the world <3

What 4 players have won the Super Bowl mvp and the heismen trophy?

You mean SuperBowl Roger Staubach: 1963 Heisman, Super Bowl VI MVP Jim Plunkett: 1970 Heisman, Super Bowl XV MVP Marcus Allen: 1981 Heisman, Super Bowl XVIII MVP Desmond Howard: 1991 Heisman, Super Bowl XXXI MVP

What is mvp mean in soccer?

"Most Valuable Player" is an American term, used in the MLS.

What does the MVP of the NBA finals get?

a mvp trophy