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In Basketball, MPG = Minutes per game.

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Q: What does MPG mean in basketball?
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What does MPG mean in basketball stats?

Minutes per Game

What does MPT mean in basketball stats?

MPG means Minutes Per Game. Essentially, it is the average number of minutes played by a basketball player every game.

What does MPG in basketball?

minutes per game

What does mpg stand for in basketball?

Minutes Per Game

What does g gs mpg ft mean in basketball?

G=games that a player has taken part in GS=Games that a player was playing when the game started MPG=Minutes per game, the average minutes that a player was playing for FT=possibly this means free throws

What does MPG mean in computer terms?

MPG stands for "multi-player game." Also, the file extension for MPEG-1 video files, is .mpg .

What does mpg mean in soccer?

Minutes per

What does mpg mean?

mpg stands for 'miles per gallon' It is the distance traveled on each gallon of fuel.

What does FGA mean in basketball stats?


Will more air outside a basketball make a basketball bounce higher?

If you mean OUTSIDE the basketball, then no. If you mean INSIDE the basketball, then yes.

How many mpg is 5.6 liters per 100 km?

I'll assume you mean US gallons. About 42 mpg.

What does inst mpg mean?

What does inst economy

What does 33 mpg mean?

MPG means Miles Per Gallon. So, you have a vehicle that gets 33 miles per gallon of fuel.

What does basketball mean in spanish?

basketball = el baloncesto

What does a 24 MPG distance mean?

MPG (Miles per Gallon) ishow far you can drive, burning one gallon of fuel.

What does MPG mean in NBA stats?

Minutes per game.

What does the abbreviation MPG mean?

MPG is an acronym or slang word for Miles per gallon. Miles per gallon is very important because it affects the environment and everyday lives. automobiles, trains, planes, boats use MPG

What does g mean in basketball?

In Basketball g means gaurd

What does mpg mean when downloading movies?

Moving Picture Experts Group.

What does 40 MPG mean?

40 miles per gallon of fuel.

What is mpg meaning in english?

The term mpg is used to mean miles per gallon, in other words, how many miles can a car drive with one gallon of gasoline.

How many national basketball teams are in Florida?

Two if you mean the national basketball association

What are rpi's in college basketball?

I have a question, not answer. What does the rpi's in college basketball mean?

What is the sphere of a basketball?

I don't know what you mean but, yes a basketball is a sphere.

What does mean and1?

it is a basketball team and it is a basketball company too . It was borned in 1993