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Q: What does Lebron James' back tattoo say?
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What does LeBron James tattoo say on his arm?

What we do in life, echoes in eternity

Who is popular LeBron James or Dwyane Wade?

Both are really good but I have to say LeBron James

What does LeBron James Tattoos say?

face face

Who is the next Jordan Kobe or LeBron?

No doubt LeBron James. I say Kobe Bryant the guy is a beast!!!!

What do people say about James LeBron?

That he is the worst player.Most people love him.

What does nick cannon's tattoo say?

His tattoo on his back says Mariah like as in Mariah Carey as in his wife so yes his back tattoo says Mariah.


Raymone is lebron James's middle name... Lebron raymone James if you don't belive me search it up on Google. And i wont say i told you so. I told u so

Who is the best player that only plays or played in the NBA?

i would say lebron James

What are LeBron James tattoos?

They say his fathers name. Some are for his spiritual belief in god

Who better lebron or Michael Jordan?

I would have to say Lebron James is better because Micheal Jordan and Lebron are both very powerful and outstanding players, but at the time Lebron James is still playing basketball so by the time Lebron James career is over he will have better stats and records than Micheal Jordan. But what can I say Lebron is our generation not Jordan's. lol well i see why you chose lebron he is a good palyer hold up strach that a awsome player better then kboe he still have a long way to go so don't never doubt the king

What does tattoo on the back of Angelina Jolie say?

'know your rights'

Who dunks better Andre or lebron?

Lebron James he is the greatest dunker in basketball today Im geussing you are talking about Andre Dawkins if you are I would say Lebron because he is just so athletic

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