What does LAX stand for in lacrosse?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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It's short for Lacrosse. C'mon now! Lax or Die

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Q: What does LAX stand for in lacrosse?
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What is the acronym for lacrosse?


What is a good lacrosse website? or there is this lacrosse website that shows you how to play lax and what the positions are.

What lacrosse players do on a daily basis?

Chill and lax

What is more manly basketball or lacrosse?

Lax obviously.

Are soft lacrosse balls and normal lacrosse balls the same?

no normal lax balls are much harder

How do you get lacrosse hair?

If you are a true lax bro, time will give it to you.

Why do Indians like to play lacrosse?

because lax is boss

Who is the best lacrosse player that is 9?

oliver krohn scarsdale lax

What are other names for lacrosse?

lax...and awesomeness (not serious bout the latter)

Did talon lacrosse sell their company to easton lacrosse?

no, easton was a former (and still is) base ball company expanding into lax

Can you use baseball cleats for lax?

No, they will tear up the grass on the Lacrosse field. Generally Soccer cleats are used when playing Lacrosse.

Is lacrosse the best sport in the world?

Yes. Lax is the best sport in the world!!