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Kerry Earnhardt is currently working at Dale Earnhardt Inc. as a consultant that specializes in driver development.

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Q: What does Kerry Earnhardt do for a living?
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What is the birth name of Kerry Earnhardt?

Kerry Earnhardt's birth name is Kerry Dale Earnhardt.

Who is Jeffrey Earnhardt's father?

Jeffrey Earnhardt's father is Kerry Earnhardt. Kerry is Dale Sr's son and Dale Jr's half brother.

Did Kerry Earnhardt die?

No, he did not. Kerry is currently working at Dale Earnhardt Inc. as a consultant that specializes in driver development.

Who is Jeremy Earnhardt?

There is no Jeremy Earnhardt in Nascar racing. There is a Jeffrey Earnhardt. He is the son of Kerry Earnhardt and also Dale Jr's nephew.

What is Kerry Earnhardt's mother's name?

Kerry Earnhardt's mother's name is Latane Brown. She was Dale Earnhardt Sr's first wife.

Is Jeffrey Earnhardt Dale Earnhardt Sr's sister's son?

He is Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s grandson. He is the middle child of Kerry Earnhardt.

Who is Dale Earnhardt Sr's oldest son?

That would be Kerry Dale Earnhardt, born December 8, 1969.

What kid is the oldest in the Dale Earnhardt family?

No, he is not. Dale Sr. had four children, sons Kerry and Dale Jr. and daughters, Kelley and Taylor Nicole.

Who will get DEI when Teresa Earnhardt dies?

Kerry, Dale Jr., Kelley & Taylor

How old is Jeffrey Earnhardt?

Kerry Earnhardt is 42 years old. He was born on December 8, 1969.

Where is Dale Earnhardt Jr's brother?

Dale Jr's half brother Kerry is now a consultant, specializing in driver development with Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing. Kerry's son Jeffrey currently races in the Camping World East Series.

Does Dale Earnhardt Jr's brother Kerry race cars?

Not presently, but Kerry Earnhardt did race in Nascar. From 1998 through 2009, Kerry competed in 72 Nationwide Series races (formerly known as the Busch Series), 27 Truck Series races and 7 Cup Series races.