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John Cena loves to wrestle. When He is feeling stressed he goes to the Gym. John has been lifting since he was 13 when his father (John Cena SR.), asked him what he wanted for Christmas. John answered " I want a Weightlifting set." Then when he was 15 he met up with Dave Nocks, at Hard Nocks Gym. Since then He has place Second two times in a pose down competition. One day while Cena was lifting in the Gym the Owners of the UPW organization saw Cena lifting and he was then introduced to Wrestling. After the UPW He went to OVW then To WWE

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John Cena spends a lot of his spare time performing charity acts. He is the current record holder for most wishes granted by the Make a Wish program.

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It's certainly helped me become invisible. I've mastered that art. It also got me my PhD in Thuganomics, with a minor in Thuganometry. It's been very helpful to me over the years.

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Q: What does John Cena do to ease tension?
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