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joey tells paul that the tangerine middle school team's reputation is that they are unbeatable and they are bad.

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Q: What does Joey tell Paul about the reputation the kids on tangerine middle school soccer team have In tangerine?
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How is tangerine middle school different from lake Windsor middle school how are the socer teams different?

tangerine soccer team have girl and boys team together, and in lake

Why did Paul change schools from Lake Windsor Middle School to Tangerine Middle School?

Its He could choose to go there and he saw it as a chance to play soccer.

What color was paul fisher's soccer uniform at tangerine middle school in the book tangerine?

maroon socks and shorts and a gold jersey with a thin maroon stripe in each side.

What is the result of Paul's soccer season at Tangerine Middle?

Paul's soccer season at Tangerine Middle goes great and they win all of there games except for a tie (best record in division).

Who did Paul fisher jump on in the book tangerine?

A player on the soccer team he played against at his first game with tangerine middle.

What is the size of the soccer ball for middle school soccer?

I play middle school soccer, and the size for the soccer balls range from size 4 to size 5.

Who is the soccer coach for tangerine in tangerine book?

coach walski

How does Paul get put into Tangerine Middle School from the book Tangerine?

Paul is transferred to a new school because of the sink hole that caused the school to fall apart. Also, his mom told the coach that he has a sight impairment. The coach of the soccer team took him off. He wants to go to a new school and join the team without his mom telling the coach that he has a sight impairment.

How long is a soccer match in middle school?

Middle school matches are usually 90 minutes.

What month does soccer start at middle school?

In August

What are the rules for middle school soccer?

rules for middle school soccer are similer to pro rules. i am not sure about the rules on subsitutions, but as far as i know there are not any other differences

How many players can be on a middle school soccer team?


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