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it means it's not about what you did, but what did u do for other people

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Q: What does Jackie Robinson quote means a life is not important except the impact it has on other life?
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What was Jackie Robinson's motto?

The Jackie Robinson Foundation's motto was created by its founder. It was, "A life is not important except for the impact it has on others' lives."

What is written on Jackie Robinson gravestone?

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on others lives."

What is on Jackie Robinsons gravestone?

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on others lives."

What does the quote that Jackie Robinson said mean A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives?

He means that your goal in life is to positively affect as many people as you can. He's a nice guy.

How Did Jackie Robinson impact baseball in the US?

Jakie robinson broke the color barriers of m.l.b in 1562

How did branch rickey impact civil rights?

signed Jackie Robinson (fist black baseball player in the MLB)

What sickness did Jackie Robinson have?

Jackie Robinson struggled through integration as a pioneer in baseball. The pressures he was under did impact his personal life and relationships. His health issues were his greatest personal struggle.

What were Jackie Robinson's siblings names?

Each Jackie Mack collection is made in 925 Sterling Silver or brass luxuriously plated in 18 karat gold, white gold or 14 karats rose gold. Sparkling cubic zirconia stones embellish many of our eye-catching pieces. They use sustainable materials, minimizing environmental impact using recycled metals and other materials when possible.

How did Jackie Robinson impact on other lives?

Well, Jackie Robinson was the first African American in the MLB. Without him, African Americans may not be able to be part of the MLB- even today. He also inspired many African Americans to prove that they could do anything white people can.

Can you have a summary of the book slam dunk by Sharon Robinson?

"Slam Dunk" by Sharon Robinson is a story about a group of kids who learn about the impact of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball. The book delves into themes of racism, teamwork, and standing up for what is right. Through their journey, the characters discover the power of unity, friendship, and fighting for equality.

How did Jackie Robinson impact history?

The baseball star, Jackie Robinson, had a major impact on baseball and in US society as a whole. Becoming a Brooklyn Dodger in 1947 was big baseball news as he was the first Afro-American to be a player in the major leagues. This of course led the way for other Afro-Americans to play major league baseball. The impact was huge. In 1947, with three baseball teams in the nation's largest city, this became news, but it was bigger news than many Americans today realize. In 1947, there were only two major sports that lite up the sports scene in America. One was college football, the other was baseball. Big time sports today, as example include the NBA, the NFL, and NHL. In 1947 this was not the case. So the impact was greater than if we had all the big spectator sports of today. The impact because of baseball's overall position as the "Nations Pastime" brought more non sports publicity about Jackie Robinson.

What are some famous qoutes by Jackie Robinson?

The most famous quote attributed to the baseball great is the one inscribed on his tombstone: "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." Robinson was known to be highly competitive on the field. As he said: "It kills me to lose. If I'm a troublemaker, and I don't think that my temper makes me one, then it's because I can't stand losing. That's the way I am about winning, all I ever wanted to do was finish first." Also, he once said: Life is not a spectator sport. If you're going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you're wasting your life.