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'justified withdrawl' so no action taken against the player. Eg genuine medical condition, family bereavement etc, rather than playing badly and having scored a bad round and throwing in the towel!

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Justified Withdrawl

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Q: What does JWD mean beside a golf tournament score?
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In professional golf what does a 71 or 72 mean when it is beside the score that is supposingly -6?

That is the score for that round. 71 round Augusta National is 1 under, so if a player was -6 (six under for the tournament) with a 71 (1 under) in round 2 it means they started the day on 5 under.

What does dw mean in golf?

Did you mean "WD" which means with drew from the tournament.

What does the word link mean in golf?

a links golf course is one situated beside the sea

What does swat mean in golf?

a "Swat" or "SWAT" in golf is another word for a "scramble" or "best ball" tournament.

What does tcp mean in golf?

The letters TCP in golf stand for tournament players club. TCP is a network of golf courses operated by the PGA tour.

What does full exemption mean in golf?

Based on performances from other tournaments or the performance of last years tournament you get in the tournament for that year for free or for a discount.

What are the jackets in golf tournament mean?

It helps identify them if anyone has a question or needs assistance. Receiving a jacket for winning the tournament does not mean the player is now a member... but they are a past or reining champion.

What does a golf score of -4 mean?

It means the player shot 4 stokes under par. A par 72 course gives him/her a score of 68 for the round.

What is a golf shamble?

From Google: A "shamble" is a type of golf tournament format in which a team of golfers selects the one best drive among them after teeing off, then all four play their own golf balls from that position into the hole. 2 Best balls of the team will count towards the TEAM SCORE. Generally, par 3s don’t scramble off the tee, par 4s do, and par 5s scramble first 2 shots of the hole.

What does the CA in CA golf championship mean?

CA is the sponsor for the tournament. Its called CA , inc. It is a It software management company. If you need more information on it then use wikipedia.

What does not par mean?

Par is the regulation score for a hole in golf. A player would find the green in regulation, and have two putts, well that is the idea.

In golf what does MDF mean when it ends a golfer's tournament score?

Made (Cut) Didn't Finish In a 4-round tournament, after two days a certain number of golfers are disqualified based on score and leave unpaid. The top 70 (and ties) play on over the weekend and are guaranteed at least some money. If the number of ties pushes the number too high, all golfers involved in the tie are given an MDF and are treated as if they made the cut and get paid, but do not play on. Starting in 2008, rather than making them leave, they played on and a second cut was administered after the third round.