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Harrow Its a measurement for the bat length/handle length - SH= Short Handle LH=Long Handle

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Q: What does H on a cricket bat handle mean?
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What means H cricket bat?

The 'H' is a stamp to classify the size of the bat purchased. It is usually stamped on the shoulder of the bat, along with the weight. Here are some useful classification stamps: 'H' means Harrow 'SH' means Short Handle 'LH' means Long Handle

What cricket bat size is hs?

Junior's bat are of Size H. Means under aged players can use this size of Bat

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How much is a h and b no60 joe DiMaggio bat worth?

An H and B No. 60 Joe Dimaggio bat can be worth hundreds of dollars or more. Depending on the condition, this bat can go for upwards of $700 and even more.

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i have a h&b 88 wooden bat and i would like to know how much it is worth can u please answer?

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