What does HR stand for in Baseball?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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home run

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Home run.

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Q: What does HR stand for in Baseball?
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What does the abbreviation HR stand for in Baseball?

Home Run

What does the R stand for in HR?


What does HR stand for?

home run

What does hr stand for in HTML?

Horizontal Rule

What does the batting record HR stand for?

Home Run

What does HR in baseball mean?

I am almost positive that H.R. in baseball means home run

What does the acronym HR DC stand for in retail?

Human Resources and Distribution Centers

What do PHR and a SPHR stand for?

Professional in Human Resources and Senior Professional in HR

A coworker of your girlfriend asked her for a one night stand. Is this HR violation?

Yes, that is sexual harrassment.

Who has the best strikeout to hr ratio in baseball history?

Joe DiMaggio

What are the top 3 home run baseball teams?

Currently in baseball right now the team leaders in homers (I don't know the all-time team home runs. sorry)- 1. Chicago White Sox 196 HR 2. Philadelphia Phillies 176 HR 3. Milwaukee Brewers 173 HR 4. Florida Marlins 172 HR 5. Texas Rangers 163 HR -as of August 27, 2008

Ryan braun likes home runs?

All hitters in baseball like HR's.