What does Garfield mean?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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it means he's good to play with and he's clumsy with everything and he's awesome with ripstick,he can do a manual and a nose manul isn't it cool

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Q: What does Garfield mean?
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What does the name Garfield mean?

it means battlefield or warrior.

Why is odie reffered to as an evil character?

if you mean the one in garfield then the answer is because garfield dosent like him and since garfield is the main charecter, odie is the bad guy (because garfield is a cat but odie is a dog and cats and dogs dont mix well)

Is there a Garfield nutcracker?

Yes. There are some on eBay. Just search 'Garfield nutcracker' in Google and results pop up. It is an ornament not a normal nutcracker. If you mean Garfield nutcracker ballet then there is no such version of the classical nutcracker ballet.

What are the order of the books in the Garfield game?

You Put them in alphabetical order and then it opens a door . . go through the door al the way to the end of the hall and give the guy a blueberry muffin :) hope it helped <3

What was James Garfield's nickname for Lucretia Garfield?

James Garfield's nickname for Lucretia Garfield was "Lucy."

What is Garfield in German?


Who are president James Garfield's grandchildren?

James Garfield (1889-unknown) John Newell Garfield (1892-1931) Mason Garfield (1892-unknown) James Abram Garfield (1894-unknown) Lucretia Garfield (1894-unknown) Newell Garfield (1895-1975) Stanton Garfield (1895-unknown) Rudolph Hills Garfield (1899-1946) (unknown) Garfield (unknown-unknown)

What is the cat's name in Garfield?

Garfield's dog's name is Odie.

Who was the 20th president of US?

James Garfield

How old is pookey from Garfield?

he is about as old as Garfield himself he is about as old as Garfield himself

What is the answer to A cat and a US President on Game Show Island?

There is a cartoon cat named Garfield and James Garfield was the 20th US president. Therefore, Garfield is the answer.

Was Garfield the cat have to do with president Garfield?

Jim Davis' cartoon 'Garfield the Cat' was named after the creator's father James Garfield Davis who himself was named after President James A. Garfield .