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fc stands for football club

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Q: What does FC stand for in Rev FC Barnes?
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Who wrote and sang rough side of the mountain?

FC Barnes, song by REV. FC Barnes and REV. Janice Brown

IS Rev FC Barnes wife still alive?


Is Rev FC Barnes dead or alive?

Rev. F.C. Barnes is still alive and well he residences in North Carolina and is planning on some sort of tour in 2011.

What is the nickname for John Barnes ex Liverpool FC footballer?

John Barnes nickname is Digger, as in the Dallas character Digger Barnes.

What does fc stand for in fc Barcelona?

FC means FOOTBALL CLUB in Fc Barcelona

What does the FC stand for in Sounders FC?

fc stands for "football club"

When was John Barnes the Captain of Liverpool?

John Barnes was the Captain for Liverpool FC between 1996 and 1997.

What does FC stand for in FC Dallas?

Futbol Club

Who sings the gospel song waiting on the lord?

Fc barnes and daughters

What does 'FC' stand for in ESPN FC site name?

Football Club

What does the FC stand for in FC Barcelona?

Futbol Club

What does fc Barcelona stand for?

FC Barcelona stands for Futbol Club Barcelona

What does the fc stand for in the name of a soccer team?

FC stands for Football Club.

What does FC stand for?

Football Club?

What is the motto of United Africa FC?

United Africa FC's motto is 'United We Stand'.

What does REV stand for in Nerf?

In Nerf, the term REV is a short form for revolver.

What does FC stand for in soccer?

Football Club

Does the maxfli rev 3 golf bag have a stand?

Yes; this bag does have a stand.

When did Rev. F.C. Barnes die?

Bishop F.C. Barnes died the morning of July 11, 2011. He made it up the "Rough Side Of The Mountain!" He will be sorely missed.

What does the Manchester United FC football logo stand for?


What does fc stand for in zu online?

it means fotune casket

What does FC Dallas soccer stand for?

Football Club Dallas.

What has the author Herman Bisbee written?

Herman Bisbee has written: 'Memoir of Rev. Seth Barnes'

What does Rev stand for?


What does FC mean in banking?

The abbreviation FC in banking can stand for several things. It stands for Fitness Certificate, Foreign Currency, and Forward Contract.