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Football Club

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Q: What does FC in soccer mean?
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In soccer, what does 'FC' mean?

Football Club

What are two soccer teams in Brazil?

Santos FC and Fluminense FC.

What does Madison FC soccer stand for?

The FC usually stands for Football Club (most countries refer to soccer as "football"). So the name "Madison FC" implies that it is a soccer club from an area called Madison or named after someone named Madison.

Is there any soccer teams beginning with z?

zurich fc or fc zurich fc zaragoga (spanish leauge)

What does the fc stand for in the name of a soccer team?

FC stands for Football Club.

What sport is the FC Twente known for?

FC Twente is a professional football club (soccer).

Soccer team beginning with z?

zaragoza fc zurich fc zimbabwe(international)

Are Chelsea fc a good soccer team?

No they are not. Manchester united are pwnage.Chelsea FC are poofters

What country is fc Barcelona?

Spain. [FC Barcelona is a soccer team FROM the city Barcelona.]

Who are the canaries in soccer?

Brazil Fc

What is the first soccer club in history of soccer?

Sheffield FC founded in 1857

When did the Seattle Sounders FC play their first soccer game?

Seattle Sounders FC is an American Professional soccer club based in Seattle, Washington that competes in Major League Soccer (MLS). Sounders FC was established in Novermber 2007 as an MLS expansion team, making it the 15th team in the league.

What has the author Richard Morrison written?

Richard Morrison has written: 'Seattle Sounders FC season one' -- subject(s): Seattle Sounders FC (Soccer team), Soccer teams, Soccer, History

What does FC stand for in soccer?

Football Club

What is FC Tokyo?

It is a soccer club in Tokyo.

Names of three famous spanish soccer teams?

FC Real Madrid, FC Barcelona & Valencia

What is Dallas soccer team name?

FC Dallas.

Which soccer clubs are sponsored by Samsung?

Chelsea FC.

Which soccer team has most fans?

FC Barcelona

What is the name of the Barcelona soccer team?

FC Barcelona

What is the name of Barcelona's soccer team?

FC Barcelona

What is the worlds best soccer team?

Liverpool FC

What was the first soccer teams name?

Sheffield FC

What is the barcelonans soccer team called?

FC Barcelona

What side is Justin Bieber on for soccer?

FC barcelona