What does F42 mean in paraolympics?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: What does F42 mean in paraolympics?
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When do paraOlympics start?

August, this year.

When do paraolympics finish?

9th september 2012

When do London paraolympics start?

August, this year.

What is F42 category immigration visa?

Hi Can we travel for work individual

How many Australian people were sent to the paraolympics?


When is the opening of paraolympics?

27th August to 9th September

What is American immigration visa category F42?

family sibling petition category is F4 F41 is the principal beneficiary (brother or sister of US citizen) F42 is the spouse F43 is for children

What is the LCM of f42 56 and 140?

lcm of 42,56 and 140 = 840

How many gold medals did Great Britain win at the Beijing paraolympics?


Were there any paraolympics this year 2008?

Yes, they were in Beijing and they took place after the Summer Olympics.

Why was C developed?

There is a similar post on : let me know if you have more questions.

10 Differences between paraolympics and Olympics 2008?

heres the obvious para means disabled people only and Olympics is regular.