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Hold on playa

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Q: What does Deion Sanders mean when he says HOP?
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How do you say Simon says hop in french?

Simon dit 'hop!'

What song says hip hop is dead in the lyrics?


What does school hop mean?

The slang term hop simply means a dance or ball, so a school hop is a school dance or a school ball.

What does hop mean in Chinese?

"Hop" in Chinese can be translated as 跳 (tiào), which means to jump or to hop.

What does hop mean on Twitter?

Hold on playa

What does homj mean?

Hop off my Johnson

What does hop mean on a air soft gun?

hop is short for hopper which is the the clip or tank where the pellets are held.

What does J'aime le hip-hop mean in french?

I like hip-hop (music associated with breakdance)

Who sings a hip hop song that says walk on by?

Slick Rick ...Mona Lisa

What is the name of the hip hop song that says hydraulics's scar?

scarred by Uncle Luke

How do you get that hip hop outfit on Free Realms?

There is no hip-hop outfit for Free Realms... i would know, my best friend (literally) has most every outfit available for Free Realms (Andys Georgiou) and he says there is no Hip Hop outfit.

What does rainman mean in hip hop?

full things...