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Q: What does Darrel mean and where does it originate from?
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What does the name Darrel mean?

Darrel is a version of Darrell, which means someone who comes from 'd'Airelle', which is a region in France.

What is the birth name of Darrel Akerfelds?

Darrel Akerfelds's birth name is Darrel Wayne Akerfelds.

What is the birth name of Darrel Presnell?

Darrel Presnell's birth name is Darrel D. Presnell.

What does the last name Veyna mean and where did it originate?

What does the surname Veyna mean and where did it originate

When was Darrel Stinson born?

Darrel Stinson was born in 1945.

How tall is Darrel Akerfelds?

Darrel Akerfelds is 6' 2".

How tall is Darrel Davenport?

Darrel Davenport is 6' 1".

How tall is Darrel Casalino?

Darrel Casalino is 6' 0".

What nicknames does Darrel Walton go by?

Darrel Walton goes by Teflon.

When was Darrel Aubertine born?

Darrel Aubertine was born on 1953-06-03.

When was Darrel Scoville born?

Darrel Scoville was born on 1975-10-13.

When was Darrel R. Falk born?

Darrel R. Falk was born in 1946.