What does Dante Jordan Knight play?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: What does Dante Jordan Knight play?
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Jordan Knight's son Dante Jordan Knight?

Yes Jordan is Dante's dad. Dante Jordan Knight was born on 08/25/99 making him 11 years old

Who is Jordan knights girlfriend now?

Jordan is married to Evelyn Knight and they have 2 kids together,Dante and Eric.

Is evelyn melendez still married to Jordan knight?

Yes, she is. Evelyn and Jordan have been married since 09/12/04 and have two sons. Dante Jordan Knight dob 08/25/99 and Eric Jacob Knight dob 02/21/07.

What is the birth name of Jordan Knight?

Jordan Knight's birth name is Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight.

Give It to You by Jordan Knight was on what album?

Jordan Knight

Are Jordan knight and johathan knight brothers?

Jordan Knight is not related to him Jon Knight is Jordan and Jonathan Knight are brothers. They have an older adopted brother named Christopher Knight who is African American. So no, Christopher Knight the actor is not related to them.

What is Jordan Knight's birthday?

Jordan Knight was born on May 17, 1970.

When was Jordan Knight born?

Jordan Knight was born on May 17, 1970.

Is Jordan knight happily married?

Yes, since 2004 (September 12th) with Evelyn Melendez, his longtime girlfriend. His wife, it should be me. :-( (they also have two sons dante Jordan born august 25 1999 and Eric Jacob born February 21 2007)

How old is Jordan knight's kid?

The gorgeous and talented singer- Jordan Knight from the popular band New Kids on the Block, was born on May 17th 1970 in Worcester, Massachusetts.

When was Jordan Knight - album - created?

Jordan Knight - album - was created on 1999-05-25.

What colour hair does Jordan knight prefer on a woman?

Jordan knight like brown hair woman!