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DNS stands for "Did Not Start", usually referring to an athlete who was missing from the start of a race.

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Dis N***** Slow

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Q: What does DNS mean in track and field?
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What is the mean of primary DNS?

what does rrimary dns mean

What kind of test is the DNS test?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. A DNS enables a computer to keep track of website names without the use of IP addresses. A DNS test finds out which DNS servers are used by the domain specified by the user.

What does sb mean in track or field?

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What organization is responsible for keeping track of all registered IPs and their respective DNS?


In track and field what does the term sprinter mean?

A person who runs short-distances.

What does dns stand for and what does it do?

DNS mean domain name server and name translated in ip

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Entry level track shoes are generally made for beginning track and field athletes. They can be used to train in many different track events.

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