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food iteams

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Q: What does Canada import from India?
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What countries does Canada import from?

-China -India -Japan -U.K Thanks!!

Does Canada grow mangos?

India. We also import from other countries, Australia for example but most seem to be from India.

What is Canada's main import in 2009?

Canada's main import was vehicles.

How do you import your motorbike into Canada from England?

we import our moterbike from Canada to England by aluanch

Does Canada import trucks?

No Canada does not import trucks to other countries however it does import other goods from its countries.

Where does Canada import from?

about 84% of what we import are from USA

What does Canada import from Finland?

what does Canadas import from Finland

What is India's number one import?

Pulse (daal in hindi) is India's number one import.

From where did the Europeans import opium?


What does India import?

they import sugarcane oil and other stuff

What dose china import from Canada?

they import maple syrup

What is the import tariff percentage in India 2011?

The import tariff percentage in India 2011 depends on what goods you are about to import. There are different tariff for different goods.