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It means cubic centimeters it refers to the engine size..

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Q: What does CCS mean in regards to dirt bikes?
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What is cc in motor bikes?

its the cubic centimeters of the engine more ccs the bigger the engine

Are pocket bikes street legal in NC?

Pocket bikes (in most senses) are not street legal in North Carolina. The engine has to have more CCs to be determined as street legal.

How many ccs are in a road king engine number FBW610849?

on most bikes its tells you the cc on the cylinder base it is normally stamped into the metal like the engine number

What do the ml and M mean on a syringe?

the ml is milliliters or ccs, They are the same.

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No, CCS is not in California. There main plant is in Westerville, Ohio. ----

Who owns ccs skateboards?

CCS Skateboarding company is owned by Foot Locker corp.

How many ccs in 13 ounce?

13 US ounces equal 384.455884 ccs.

How do you get a permit for mini motorcycle?

dirt bikes, pocket rockets, mini bikes and all that do not require permits if you are not taking them on the street. just be sure to always ask neighbors and friends before riding on their property. if you do plan to ride on the street though, your motorcycle needs to be so many ccs, have headlights, break lights, and turn signals, and of course license plates and mirrors. after that's all in check, you need to take all the papers you used when you purchased the bike to the county courthouse with you along with the bike's registration. you also need to have a motorcycle license.

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