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CCM is a hockey equipment manufacturer:

CCM used to refer to "Canada Cycle & Motor Co."

CCM is now a subsidiary of Reebok

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Q: What does CCM mean in hockey?
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What does ccm mean for sports jersey?

CCM is the name of the company that makes hockey apparal and equipment. The CCM is similar to the Nike swoosh in that it is an advertisement for the company.

What does ccm mean on a New Jersey devel jersey mean?

CCM is the name of the company that makes hockey apparal and equipment. The CCM on the jersey is similar to the Nike swoosh on a jersey in that it is an advertisement for the company.

What gear does Alex ovenchkin wear?

ovechkin uses ccm hockey equitment because he is sponsored by ccm hockey

What is the former name of CCM Hockey?

The original CCM company produced hockey equipment and bicycles, and went bankrupt in 1983. The hockey division was sold to a Montreal businessman, and the CCM name continued to be used for hockey equipment. The company incorporated in 1991 and took the name SLM International Inc., and in 1999, they were renamed The Hockey Company. In 2004, they were bought by Reebok, who continued to use the CCM brand.

Where can one find CCM hockey skates?

You can purchase CCM Ice Hockey Skates online at websites such as Pure Hockey, Ice Warehouse, and Hockey Monkey. You can also purchase a pair from personal sellers on the eBay auction website.

What is a good brand of hockey skates?

The best hockey skates there are is CCM Vector skates.

How many CCM hockey employees are there in Canada?


Who makes ice hockey sticks?

If you mean companies, then Reebok, Bauer, Easton, CCM, Warrior, TPS, and many other companies produce great hockey sticks.

What does ccm stand for on hockey helmets?

canadian cycle and motors

Can someone purchase RBK hockey equipment?

There are a number of stores that sell RBK hockey equipment. These include the official Reebok Hockey store, Hockey Giant, Hockey Monkey and CCM Hockey.

Why is there a CCM label on the tongue of my RBK ice skates?

CCM is a Canadian company that originally built bicycles, but in 1905 began building hockey skates followed by other hockey equipment as well. In more recent years CCM acquired other hockey equipment companies such as KOHO and JOFA. In 2004 CCM was acquired by Rebok who also kept the KOHO and JOFA names as well. The CCM and KOHO logos are still used on Rebok hockey equipment for tradition's sake, as they are known brands. On a side note Adidas purchased Rebok in 2006, so future versions of the skates could be multi-branded.

Which brand of helmet is most used by youth hockey players?

Probably CCM.

How light is the CCM U plus crazy light hockey stick?

crazy light

Who owns the titan hockey brand?

CCM owned Titan. Unfortunately, Titan got phased out with wooden sticks and when The Hockey Company (CCM is half hockey and half cycling) was bought by Reebok.It's a shame, I remember using my Titan stick and pretending to be the Great One as a kid.

How do you take the chin cup off of a ccm hockey cage?

Just leave it on There a Great brand

Is ccm heat a good stick?

its probably the best stick for driveway hockey because the blade doesnt wear down but it is awful for ice hockey

What are some skate brands?

Some of the best hockey skate brands are CCM, RBK, and Easton. Some of the best figure skate brands are Riedell, CCM, and Super Teri

How can I get a cheap hockey stick?

Go to They carry the best hockey equipment's like hockey stick in a very cheap prices. They are the cheapest and are made by CCM and is ten times better than the other brands.

What are some good types of hockey bags?

Hockey Bags - HockeyGiant, Your Hockey Equipment SourceHockeyGiant has the best range of hockey bags like this Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Hockey Equipment Bag and Gear Hockey Cooler Bag. We have hockey bags from all the top brands like Bauer, CCM and Mission at fantastic prices.

What is the ccm genre mean?

Contemporary Christian Music

What are the smallest sized hockey skates you can buy?

Hockey skates are available in different sizes but the smallest ones generally belong to size 1 (which corresponds to shoe size 2); this size conmes in many brands such as Bauer & Flite Hockey Skates, CCM, Reebok, Nike-Bauer Hockey Skates, Graf Hockey Skates and Mission & Torspo Hockey Skates

What company makes the hockey helmets currently for the NHL?

A number of companies manufacture player helmets, Bauer, Easton, CCM, Reebok, etc.

When did CCM Magazine end?

CCM Magazine ended in 2008.

When was CCM Magazine created?

CCM Magazine was created in 1978.

Which is the most protective hockey brand?

For helmets it's reebok for gloves warrior shoulder pads CCM elbow pads reebok and pants warrior