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The correct spelling is Montreal Canadiens, and the symbols are CH.

The H stands for 'Hockey', as in 'Club de hockey Canadien', the official name of the team.

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Canadian Athletic Club

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Q: What does CAC stand for on the Montreal canadiens jersey?
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What is original name of the Montreal Canadiens?

Club Athletic Canadien (CAC)(Logo was an ''A'' in a C) was the former name and become Club de Hockey Canadien in 1917 (CHC)(''H'' in a C).

What does the A stand for on the original canadiens jersey?

I don´t think anyone disputes that The Canadiens are called The Habs because of their origin as french canadians called les habitants. The Canadiens as a team has evolved over the years and so has their jersey. When the club was born in 1909 they were simply the "Club Canadien" with just a "C" on their jersey, then in 1911 they became "Club Athlétique Canadien" with "CAC" on their jersey, for 1914-1915 season it changed again to a large "C" with a smaller "A" within the "C" (which was their uniform when they won the cup in 1916). By the next season, the Club Athlétique Canadiens was no longer in business, the "A" changed to "H", the new "Club de Hockey Canadien" was born, and the uniform has remained essentially unchanged ever since.

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