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its two red sox back to back in front of a Baseball

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The logo of Boston Red Sox...

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Q: What does Boston Red Sox logo look like?
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Does the Boston Red Sox logo look like a constipated cat?

If you turn it sideways it does look like a constipated cat. Sorry Boston fans!!

Where does the idea for the logo of Boston Red Sox come from?

The first Boston Red Sox logo was created in 1908. It was a single red sock with the word "Boston" on it. Over the years the logo has changed 9 times until it morphed into the current pair of red socks.

What is the pantone red for Kellogg's Cereal logo?

look's like it's red pantone199C

What is the font for the Cincinnati Red's new logo as well as the font for the Boston Red Sox's new away logo?

What is the font for the Cincinnati reds logo

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What font is used for Boston in Red Sox logo?


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Where can one find images of the Red Sox logo?

Boston Red Sox logo images may be found on the Red Sox section of the MLB website. They may also be found on various other websites that offer free logo images.

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How do the Boston Red Sox look like now?

I hate them always will Yankees for life

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Where can you find party streamers with the Boston Red Sox Logo?

When looking for party supplies you can check different party supply stores. Party city is one of the more popular stores that sell Redsox logo party streamers. If you can not find them at a party supply store, they may not have them available. The next best thing would be to use color streamers of the Boston Redsox, which would be red and blue, like a navy blue.

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yes. use a darker/bolder red.

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