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605 raw Although this is not impossible, i doubt it. As with all things in pro Wrestling, it is probably an exaggeration.

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Q: What does Bill Goldberg bench press?
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Related questions

Does Bill Goldberg bench press?

yes man why can't he. he can do any weighlifting exercise in this world.

How much can Bill Goldberg bench press?

He done 490 for 5 reps once. Even though he claims he only does 400 for many reps, try using the bench press calculator, estimate 490 by 5 reps, and you'll see his 1 rep max is 564!

How much does sonny bill williams bench press?

He had a Bulldogs Bench Press record of 140 Kg for 3 reps

How much can bill goldburg bench press?

gold burg can bench abought 875 which is more than alot of people

What is a raw bench press?

A bench press without the use of a bench press shirt.

In this bench press. Bar holder is there To keeep the bar weight?

This bench is not designed for the bench press there is no bar to ssuppot the weights for bench press.

Is Bill Goldberg Jewish or Christian?

Bill Goldberg (the wrestler) is Jewish.

What is Bill Goldberg's real name?

Bill Goldberg's real name is William Scott " Bill " Goldberg.

Did bill Goldberg die?

No, Bill Goldberg is still alive.

Did bill goldberg died?

No, Bill Goldberg is still alive.

What is Jamal Lewis's bench press?

What's Jamal Lewis's bench press What's Jamal Lewis's bench press

What is world Olympic record bench press?

Bench press is not an olympic event, therefore there is no olympic record in bench press.

How much can Kurt Angle bench press?

He has been known to bench press 420lbs.

When will Bill Goldberg return to the WWE?

bill goldberg will return in 2011.

When Bill Goldberg will come?

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from the WWE.

How much can Tiger Woods bench press?

he can bench press 225 Tiger woulds can bench press 190lbs.

Ray Lewis bench press?

525lbs bench press 600lbs max out

Where will Bill Goldberg wrestle?

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from professional wrestling.

Will Bill Goldberg return to wrestling?

Only Bill Goldberg can answer that. But, it is not likely that he will return.

Which country is Bill Goldberg from?

Bill Goldberg hails from Atlanta, GA which is in USA.

Has Bill Goldberg retired?

Bill Goldberg retired the WWE back in 2004.

When bill goldberg will returns?

Bill Goldberg is currently retired from professional wrestling.

What is Bill Goldberg's birthday?

Bill Goldberg was born on December 27, 1966.

Is Bill Goldberg going to TNA Wrestling?

No, Bill Goldberg is retired from wrestling.

Max bench press ever?

1050 lbs by Scott Mendleson, this is with the use of a bench shirt which assists with the bench press, the highest RAW bench press is again Scott Mendleson with a bench of 715 lbs.