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More experienced players.

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Q: What does Australia need to regain top spot in cricket?
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Which country is ranked number one in cricket in the world?

AustraliaEngland is arguably the best cricket team in the world. Tonga and Poland are two teams that are closely following them and are competing for the top spot.

Which spot has the player positions'silly mid-on' 'slips'and'third man'?

Assuming you mean "sport" and not "spot", the answer is cricket.

What sport has a gully?

the word gully is used in cricket. it refers to a catching spot for a fielder.

In cricket what is the person behind the batter called?

The person playing in that spot is called "the wicket keeper".

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Yes, yes it is (on the eastern)

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What IPL 20-20 matches have done to the game of cricket?

We are able to spot and find fresh and young talent from across India. These players can be used to strengthen the International Indian Cricket Team.

Where can you do parkour on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia?

Wherever you can find a spot.

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Queen Latifa was on a wild cricket hunt in Alaska when a giant frog stepped on the cricket she was studying and the frog had a red spot so that's where the term red zone came from

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Lake Eyre is the lowest point in Australia, at approximately 15 m (49 ft) (AHD) below sea level.

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About 120 kms

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What is the approximate date till India be at no 1 spot in test?

India becomes no.1 in the test cricket on sun 6 9.55 -10.10am

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The Sweet Spot - 2002 was released on: USA: 2 April 2002 Australia: 15 December 2002

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every town in Australia has its own favourite beach or surf spot. But the most famous beach in Australia would have to be Bondi. They've even made a show about this beach. its called bondi rescue. its madddd!

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Yes....But not my planethey will probably arrest you on the spot, but if your driving then no problem, if you looking into buying one then, you dont need to worry but IF YOUR TAKING IT By YOUR SELF, then NO!CrattleCrie

Why is that Qatar academy does not have a cricket Ground when cricket is the second most celebrated sport in Qatar?

Qatar Academy does not have sufficient space to construct a well-constituted stadium as all the institutions that are managed by Qatar Foundation are concentrate at a single spot. There is hardly any private space for the school there..

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