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Q: What does AK3 mean at the bottom of an Al kaline baseball bat?
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Did AK3 perform on shake it up yet?


What actors and actresses appeared in AK3 - 2006?

The cast of AK3 - 2006 includes: Tomas Alfredson as Sten Isa Aouifia as Doctor Elsa Billgren as Anna Rafael Edholm as Anders Carina Jingroth as Camilla Pia Johansson as Solveig Chatarina Larsson as Anna Lena Ivan Mathias Petersson as Daniel Ellen Mattsson as Ylva Aksel Morisse as John Inger Nilsson as Barbro Anna Pettersson as Katarina Johan Rabaeus as Einar Mikael Reuter as Boss Per Sandberg as Lars Irma Schultz as Nurse Karin Westholm as Susanne Iwar Wiklander as Chairman

What movie and television projects has Isa Aouifia been in?

Isa Aouifia has: Played Leo in "Miffo" in 2003. Played Kamal Prasad in "Kronprinsessan" in 2006. Played Doctor in "AK3" in 2006. Played Osman in "Maskeraden" in 2009. Played Frans in "Yoghurt" in 2010.

What is the AK3?

There is no firearm by that nomenclature. You may be thinking of the Swedish AK4 (FN FAL rifle, manufactured under licence) or AK5 (slightly modified FN FNC, manufactured under licence), or possibly the Norwegian AG-3 (Heckler & Koch G3, manufactured under licence).

What movie and television projects has Irma Schultz been in?

Irma Schultz has: Played The dispenser in "Xerxes" in 1988. Played herself in "BingoLotto" in 1989. Played Girl outside cinema in "The Resurrection of Michael Myers Part 2" in 1989. Performed in "Werther" in 1990. Played Sandra in "Rederiet" in 1992. Played herself in "Efter Tio" in 2006. Played Nurse in "AK3" in 2006. Played Monica Wiberg in "Stenhuggaren" in 2009.

What year did MC Hammer join the U.S. Navy?

Stanley Kirk Burrell, aka "MC Hammer", "Hammer" and "Hammertime" was an Aviation Storekeeper 3rd Class (AK3) and was in the Navy for 3 years. Official biographies do not list his years of service, but they do mention he enlisted right after high school. Being born in 1962, he would have to be at least 17 or 18 to join right after high school; therefore, it can be deduced that he was in the Navy from 1979 or 1980 to 1982 or '83, depending on what year he enlisted. In any case, he served in the early 80's.

What movie and television projects has Ellen Mattsson been in?

Ellen Mattsson has: Played herself in "Gomorron" in 1992. Played Lotta in "Lovisa och Carl Michael" in 2005. Played Anna Westin in "Wallander" in 2005. Played Leja in "2010" in 2006. Played Ylva in "AK3" in 2006. Played Maja in "Livet i Fagervik" in 2008. Played Alice in "Perrongen" in 2008. Played Jessica Wide in "Maria Wern" in 2008. Played Maria in "Cockpit" in 2012. Played Nina Hoffman in "Livstid" in 2012.

What movie and television projects has Per Sandberg been in?

Per Sandberg has: Played Professor in "Allis med is" in 1993. Played beach tennis man in "Pensionat Oskar" in 1995. Played Krampus in "Jul i Kapernaum" in 1995. Played Undertaker in "Under solen" in 1998. Played The Priest in "Berglunds begravningar" in 2003. Played Ahlman in "Lovisa och Carl Michael" in 2005. Played Tuve in "Lasermannen" in 2005. Played Lars in "AK3" in 2006. Played Himself - Guest in "Skavlan" in 2009. Played Dick Strandberg in "Bibliotekstjuven" in 2011.

What movie and television projects has Carina Jingroth been in?

Carina Jingroth has: Played Erika Lager (episode Det sista vittnet) in "Rosenbaum" in 1991. Played Nikita Guszjin in "Rederiet" in 1992. Played Raped Woman in "Tryggare kan ingen vara..." in 1993. Played Linda Martinez in "Anna Holt - polis" in 1996. Played Anja Johanson in "Kommissionen" in 2005. Played Patologen in "Medicinmannen" in 2005. Played Sofia in "Lite som du" in 2005. Played Camilla in "AK3" in 2006. Played Yrsa Westberg in "Maria Wern" in 2008. Played Daniella in "Arne Dahl: Upp till toppen av berget" in 2012.

Mc hammers early life?

Burrell was born in Oakland, California. From 1972 to 1981, Burrell served as a batboy with the Oakland Athletics under colorful team owner Charlie Finley, who lived in the Midwest and for whom Burrell was his "eyes and ears." MC Hammer could be found outside the stadium dancing in an effort to earn enough money to attend the games. Finley saw his eagerness and entrepreneurial techniques which made him suitable for such a position, not to mention very entertaining. Burrell wanted to be a professional baseball player, but he did not catch on in any professional organization. He instead joined the Navy, where he served with Patron (Patrol Squadron) Forty Seven (VP-47) of Moffett Field in Mountain View, California, as a Petty Officer Third Class Aviation Store Keeper (AK3) until his honorable discharge. Through that experience, he acquired the nickname M.C. for being "Master of Ceremonies". He also had previously formed a gospel rap group known as the Holy Ghost Boys. But upon his return from the military he began performing music in clubs and started his own record label, Bust It.

What movie and television projects has Tomas Alfredson been in?

Tomas Alfredson has: Played himself in "Cinema 3" in 1984. Played Kenthy Kastrup in "Bert" in 1994. Performed in "Bert" in 1994. Played Aage Kastrup in "Bert - Den siste oskulden" in 1995. Played himself in "Miradas 2" in 2004. Played himself in "Made in Hollywood" in 2005. Played Sten in "AK3" in 2006. Played Himself - Guest in "Skavlan" in 2009. Played Himself - Nominee in "The 2009 European Film Awards" in 2009. Played himself in "Scream Awards 2009" in 2009. Played Himself - Guest in "Breaking News med Filip och Fredrik" in 2011. Played himself in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: UK Premiere Featurette" in 2012. Played himself in "Trespassing Bergman" in 2013.

What movie and television projects has Pia Johansson been in?

Pia Johansson has: Played Guest in "Gomorron" in 1992. Played herself in "Gomorron" in 1992. Played Parking Attendant in "Sista dansen" in 1993. Played Elisabeth Jonsson in "Snoken" in 1993. Played Lisa Nyberg (episodes 2, 3, 4) in "Den vite riddaren" in 1994. Played Lisa Nyberg in "Den vite riddaren" in 1994. Performed in "Sweet Home Blues" in 1995. Played Gunnel in "Cheek to Cheek" in 1997. Played Mistress Ford in "Muntra fruarna i Windsor" in 1998. Played Louise Palmkrantz in "I.K. - Ivar Kreuger" in 1998. Played Herself (Blue Team) in "Parlamentet" in 1999. Played Agnes in "Agnes" in 2001. Played herself in "Doobidoo" in 2005. Played Solveig in "AK3" in 2006. Played herself in "Efter Tio" in 2006. Played Arkitekten in "Hotell Kantarell" in 2007. Played Kinna Widell in "Nobels testamente" in 2012.