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American Football Conference.

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Q: What does AFC stand for in football?
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What does rochdale afc stand for?

Rochdale AFC - the AFC stands for Association Football Club. They are a professional club who currently play their football in League One in England.

What do AFC and NFC stand for?

American Football Conference National Football Conference

What does the A in AFC bournmouth stand for?

AFC=American Football Conference. ^^^^^^ This is rubbish considering its an English Club AFC in England stands for A Fans Club

What does AFC stand for in AFC Wimbledon?

Well it really doesn't stand for anything (said by one of the founders, Marc Jones, normally AFC stands for Association Football Club) but it's suggested that it would stand for "A Fan's Club".It Stands for' A Fans Club'Another Football Club in Wimbledon

In football what does AFC mean?

AFC stands for American Football Conference.

What does AFC mean?

In the National Football League, AFC stands for American Football Conference.

What does AFC in nfl mine?

AFC stands for the American Football Conference in the National Football League.

What is AFC in football?

The American Football Conference.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers an NFC or AFC team?

The Steelers play in the AFC (American Football Conference). They are part of the AFC North Division.

Name of hull city?

Hull City AFC. AFC stands for Association Football Club, not Amateur Football Club. Nickname- The Tigers

What football team is not a member of the AFC East?

The Miami Dolphins are not members of the AFC East :D

Which came first NFC or AFC football?

NFC - the NFC is the original National Football League. The AFC was originally the American Football League; the two leagues merged in 1970.

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