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If a player accumulates five cautions between the opening day of the playing season and 31 December in the same season, he will be suspended automatically for one match.

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Q: What does 5 yellow cards mean in soccer?
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Do soccer players receive a one match ban after receiving 5 yellow cards?

That depends entirely on the rules of the competition. Usually in the league/domestic cup, 5 yellow cards equate to a ban, but in some shorter competitions, it could be three or even two yellow cards equating to a ban.

How many yellow cards accumulated in the la liga before suspension?

5 yellow cards is a one game suspension

When receiving a suspension for 5 yellow cards does the player go back to zero or is there additional suspension for each subsequent yellow after 5?

After 5 yellow cards player will be suspended for one game, after next five yellow cards (10) player will be suspended for 2 games and so on

How many yellow cards did lucas podoliki had?

Podolski, 5

What is the most red cards given in soccer in the world?

i think 5 but im not sure

How much does FIFA charge the owner of the soccer team for a red and yellow card?

FIFA doesn't directly fine clubs or their owners for either red or yellow cards. This is down to the countries individual Football Associations. Usually when a player gets 5 yellow cards he will face a 3 match suspension. Fines are usually only imposed by FIFA or UEFA when the game has been brought into disrepute

How many 5 cards are in a deck?

You mean cards with the letter '5' on them? In that case, 4.

How many yellow cards where dealt in the game between Japan and Paraguay?

5 is the answer

What is a soccer card?

yellow card is sort of like a warning and if you get 2 yellow cards your suspended for like 1 or 2 upcoming games, its usually for minor things, like a small trip or so, red cards in the other hand usually suspend a player for usually 3 or more upcoming games no more than 5 i believe, and usually are gotten for using too much force in a tackle or basically being an idiot and hitting someone or fighting with the referee or stuff like that, hitting other players, cussing out the referee badly, etc.

How much yu-gi-oh cards at the start of a duel?

If you mean 'How many cards do you get at the start of a duel?', the answr is 5 cards.

In high school soccer how many games do you miss when you get a red card?

It will depend on the situation. If a player is issued 2 yellow cards, which automatically turns into a red card, they only have to sit out of the game they are currently playing. If a player is issused a straight red card or 1 yellow then a red they have to sit out for the current game and the next 1.

How many yellow cards does it take for a player to get suspended in Scottish league?

The general rule is that if you get two yellow cards in the same match or in two different matches it is a one match suspension. Players are also suspended for a single red card for one match, but if UEFA thinks the offense was severe they can extend that suspension.