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It varies in different states, but usually means it is a very small school (my school has 750 students and we are 3a)

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Q: What does 1A mean in high school sports?
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What do the 1a 2a 3a rankings mean in high school basketball?

Its the size of the school 5A being the largest 1A being the smallest

Who is the best 1A high school in AZ?

Fredonia High School of AZ!!! who else

What means 1A high school?

its a top level in that sport

What is 5A football and how does it differ from a 4A?

The "A" designation in high school is determined by the school population. My high school had 450 students, and we were AA (2A). The more "A's" the larger and usually better a sports team. NCAA is opposite. The best teams a A (1A). There are no 4 and 5 "A" teams.

What percentage of high school athletes go to a 1a college?

Around one third

What High School in North Carolina has the most state titles?

I know that Robbinsville High School has 12 1A titles running all the way back to 1969!

Could 1A school graduates play college sports?

Yep, it's all just dependant on skill. It doesn't matter where you come from.

Who is the best high school football player in the US?

Scott Burrell -First player to be a 1st round pick in 2 sports (NBA and MLB) - Also was recruited for Division 1a football -From Hamden High School in Ct. Prefontaine- He ran. There is no person in history that could compare to him.

What class is Tamaki Suoh from ouran high school host club in?

Tamaki is in class 2A Kyoya is in class 2A Haruhi is in class 1A Hikaru is in class 1A Kaoru is in class 1A Mori is in class 3A Hunny is in class 3A

Which course is listed first on the Alief Hastings High School Business Departments course listing page?

English 1a/1b

Which course is listed first on the Alief Hastings High School Business Department's course listing page?

English 1a/ 1b

What division school is rutgers university?

that would be division 1A