What does 'sensei' mean?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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In Japanese it means 'One who has gone before.' Most people simply say it means teacher.

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Q: What does 'sensei' mean?
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How do you login as sensei?

sensei password is sensei

Who was Naruto's first sensei?

Iruka Sensei was narutos school sensei and Kakashi Sensei was narutos Team sensei. iruka was his school sensei. then as a new genin his sensei was kakashi hatake. and then he trains with jiraiya (the toad sage and his godfather and a sannin) for 2.5 years and they leave the village and go somewhere. and i dont know if naruto gets another sensei after jiraiya dies

How do you get some water on g challenge in club penguin?

Did You Mean Water Suit At Sensei Water Dojo Well You Must Defeat Water Sensei

How do you spell sencay correct?

Do you mean "sensei"? It generally means teacher.

How do you get into sensei's room Club Penguin?

The Dojo You can see the Sensei in the Dojo, located at the top of) the Club Penguin map! Once inside, scroll over the cushion and Banner (On banner: Card Jitsu Sensei's Igloo (12 month members only) 1: Go to the Dojo 2: Challenge Sensei 5 times 3: Click Enter ??? 4: You should now be in Sensei's Igloo! We don't know what you mean by Sensei's Room!

What does 'chiyu no sensei'?

Japanese sensei means a teacher, expert, doctor or master.Chiyu means healing, cure, recovery.Chiyu no sensei could mean "the recovery of the teacher", "the teacher who is a cure" or "the teacher's cure". Only the context will determine the correct translation.

What is sensei's real username?


What is sensei's email?

What is clubpenguin sensei id?

Sensei is his ID

What does sensei measns?

sensei means teacher

How do you challenge Sensei on club penguin?

got to dogo click sensei then press challenge sensei

Who is the fire sensei on CP?

The fire sensei is just Sensei from the regular Dojo but wearing a fire suit.