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There's no such thing

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Q: What does 'B' stand for on a hockey jersey?
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What does the letter A on a hockey jersey stand for?

The A on the hockey jersey simply stands for Assistant or Alternate Captain.

What does the a stand for on a hockey jersey?


What does the c stand for on a hockey jersey?


What does the C stand for on an NHL hockey jersey?

It means Captain and the A stands for Alternative Captain.

What does the 'CH' stand for on the Montreal Candiens hockey jersey?

The 'C' stands for Canadiens, the 'H' stands for 'Hockey', as in 'Club de hockey Canadien', the official name of the team. English: Canadien hockey club.

What does the h on habs jersey mean?

The H on the Montreal (Habs) Canadiens jersey stands for 'hockey' as the team's full name is Le Club de Hockey Canadien. The H does not stand for Les Habitants or Habs which is a nickname given to the team in the 1950's.

What does the hockey jersey represent?

The hockey jersey represents the team a player/goalie plays for.

What does the letter on an ice hockey jersey stand for?

The 'C' stands for "Captain" or the leader of the team. The 'A' stands for "Alternate", meaning the alternative captain of the team.

What is the most bought hockey jersey?

Sidney Crosby's Pittsburgh Penguins Black RBK hockey jersey

Which word starts with c and stands for a hockey players jersey?

Captain's jersey - The letter C on a hockey player's jersey identifies the player as being the team Captain.

What does hockey stand for in Canada?


Who is the New Jersey hockey team?

you could have easily just googled "new jersey hockey team" its the devils.

What does the B on the phillies jersey signify?

You're the idiot! Nobody would mistake a P for a B. The B on their jerseys stand for 2 members of the club that died. [Its not a B its a P idiot, and it symbolizez PHILLIES. wow...]

Who is the New Jersey ice hockey team?

the new jersey nhl team is the new jersey devils

What is a hockey jersey made from?


What is a nickname for a hockey jersey?


Where can you get a Chicago Cubs hockey jersey?

The Chicago Cubs are a baseball team. There are no hockey jerseys.

What is Justin Biebers hockey jersey number?

Justin Bieber's Hockey Number is 18.

What are the release dates for SportsChannel New Jersey Devils Hockey - 1988?

SportsChannel New Jersey Devils Hockey - 1988 was released on: USA: 1988

What do the letters N.H.L stand for in hockey?

National Hockey League

What is a NHL jerseys?

nhl jersey is as same as hockey jersey.Nhl means National Hockey League.

What gift would you give a girl that loves hockey?

you can give her some hockey cards, buy her a jersey, get her a hockey stick, get her a poster, get her a video game about hockey, design her a hockey shirt or maybe get her a movie about hockey.

What does CBA stand for in Hockey?

CBA stand for Cool but and

How do i get blood out of a white hockey jersey?


What are the New Jersey devils?

not a hockey team