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Your bones act as levers via which you are able to run and move, and the muscles ideally attach to the bones as drivers, engines and enacters of the motion achieved in those levers.

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Q: What do your muscles and bones do to help you run?
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What Is the Relationship between Bones And Muscles?

muscles help bones move or do anything

What do muscles supply to bones?

Muscles help the bones hold up and without the muscles there the bones would not be able to move. Tendons connects the muscles to the bones and helps with support as well.

How do bones help you move?

bones support muscles and other tissues. Muscles contract, moving bones, which move the body.

What is the name of the muscles that are attached to bones and help you move?

Ligaments are the tissues that connect bones to other bones. Tendons are tissues that connect muscles to bones.

How a muscles attach to a bones?

Special tissues called "Tendons". With the help of these tissues, bones are connected to muscles.

How can dogs run so fast?

Dogs can run fast because they have four legs. Their legs are supported by strong bones and muscles to help them increase their speed.

How do bones and muscles provide movement?

They help movement by structure and energy. The muscles are {some} strong and support the joints and hinges for the bones. The bones give support for us, they have the joints with the muscles.

What do you call these muscles that attached to the bones?

.. the muscles attached the bones in your body help move the body around if you didnt have any muscles in your bodyall you would be was bones basicly. .. but ... i dont know what the muscles are called that are attached the the bones in the body of a human and or animal

Does water help your bones and muscles?


How do muscles and bones help us to move?

muscles help you move in running streching and sports etc.

Does skipping help build of your muscles?

Skipping will help your thighs and lower leg muscles. It can also help strengthen the bones.

Do bones have muscles?

There are muscles attached to bones, but bones do not have muscles.

Tendons help you move these?

Muscles are attached to bones by way of tendons so tendons help you move your bones (body).

What are skeletal muscles?

Skeletal muscles are attached to the skeleton and help your bones move.

How do joints in your body help you?

=i think they help you by pretecting your body and i think they pretect the bones and muscles...=i think joints help you by pretecting your body and keeping your muscles and bones safe. BY HANEEYAH Y4

What exercises help the skeleton?

The key would be to strengthen muscles. Muscles support bones.

What is loss of movement in muscles?

bones help mus

Do your bones and muscles help move your body?


Skeletal muscles are held to the bones with the help of?

to your body

Muscles that help your bones move are?

smooth muscle

How do you get kids stronger?

To help them to get their bones and muscles stronger. :)

Are bones superficial to muscles?

Bones are deep to muscles. Muscles are superficial to bones.

How can you move your bones?

with a lot of help you need muscles to pull on bones so that you can move

What behaviors help you have strong bones and muscles?

To have strong bones you have to eat well and exercise.

What helps bones move?

The bones do not move, neither do they work alone. In order to move the bones need help from the joints and muscles. The muscles pull on the joints therefore making the bones move.