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your school uniform or if its just for practice. spandex or Basketball shorts and a loose shirt, and also throwing shoes if you have them.

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Q: What do you wear when you are discus throwing?
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What does discus game consist of in Sparta?

throwing a discus?

What sport was a discus thrower used in?

Believe it or not, it is called discus throwing.

Is there a 4 syllable sport?

Discus Throwing.

Do you need throwing shoes for Discus?

Not throwing shoes but maby running shoes.

What Olympic throwing prop rhymes with bus?


What is a flattish ring for throwing at a mark that is not a discus?


What muscles are active when throwing a discus?

All muscles

What is a flattish ring for throwing at a mark called?


Does discus involve throwing a heavy disc?


What are the throwing events?

shot hammer discus Javelin

What are the throwing events in track and field?

the throwing events are the discus, the javelin, and the shot put.

The instruments use for throwing?

Javlins, spears, balls, discus,

What are the 4 throwing events?

shot hammer discus Javelin

What are the 3 throwing events in a decathlon?

The shotput , javelin and the discus.

What sport was in the ancient Olympics and is still in the Olympics?

discus throwing

How heavy is the disc they use in the discus throwing?

Men throw a discus that weighs 2kg (4.4lbs). Women use a 1 kg (2.2lbs) discus.

Is throwing in track or field?

Field.Throwing is usually Shot Put -OR- Discus

Sport that originated in Greek mythology?

Discus throwing originated in Greece.

What is age limit for world junior championship in discus throwing?


What is a discus cage?

The discus cage is a fence or net wall that is set up behind the throwing circle. The cage protects bystanders from being hit by a stray discus.

What was the ancient pentathlon made up of?

Discus-throwing, long jump, javelin-throwing, running the stadion, wrestling

What did the ancient Greeks play as in games?

Running, chariot racing, all-in wrestling, javelin throwing, discus throwing.

What sports use throwing and catching?

Waterpolo, baseball, football, discus, basketball...

What is a throwing sport in track and field?

Sho Put Discus Hammer Javelin

How big is high school discus throwing ring?

8ft 2 and a half in.