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In Basketball, math is often seen but we hardly notice it. Not just by counting the points, but by the angle and height relation in which determines your chances of making a shot which leads to probability.

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Q: What do you use math for to be a basketball player?
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How do basketball players use math?

they use math in their jumping.For example:like the angle

How does math relate to basketball?

math relates to just about every sport. in basketball they use geometry to find the angles of the shot . also on a pass downcourt they have to figure where the player will be when the ball reaches

What math classes are required to become a basketball player?

u don't need to go to math classes to required basketball player you need to go to training and be fit

How does basketball players use math?

by calculating their plays.

How do you use math when playing basketball?

Score the game.

How do you use math in basketball?

statistics n box score

What pro basketball player need for education?

to be a basketball player you have to know how to read and to do math cause when the team owners are buying you ,you have to be able to read the paper

Why does Basketball And Math Go Hand In Hand?

They gernerally do not, but during scoring you use math. You use math to add up the score and find which team wins.

How is basketball related to math?

wow great question, well for sure that i know basketball has alot to do with math, well, it has everything to do with math. the angles and the height of basketball player the strength used to throw the ball and pretty much everything else. Also, it has to do a to with angles

What type of math classes should a basketball player take?

well other than counting up points and checking shooting percentages there isnt really any use for math in basketball.. any standard class should be fine no paticular class would reduce or improve your basketball career

What professional basketball player was a math major at the university of North Carolina?

michael jordan

Is there math in basketball?


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