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Your muscles and/or a floatation device.

A cap (special for swimming) and some people use goggles for chlorine in pools

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Q: What do you use for swimming?
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What bones do you use when swimming?

When swimming you use all bones.

What do you use when you go swimming?

Swimming togs

Use swim as an adjective?

swimming, as in a swimming pool

Which muscles would you use to perform the swimming?

It is proven by science that we use all of our muscles for swimming

How can you use swimming in a sentence?

I am going to go swimming today.

What do crocs use their tale for more then swimming?

They use it for many things. They could use it for hitting their pray. They mostly use it for swimming though.

Can you use fusions at bromley swimming pool?

yes you can use fusions at bromley swimming pool (the pavilion)

What do penguins use their wings for?

swimmingThey use their wings for swimming. When they get in the water, they steer themselves with their wings.

What is swimming bird friend Code?

The swimming bird friend code is a game that entails the use of swimming birds.

How do river otters use their tail for swimming?

They use it to stabilize themselves when they swim and they use it to propel themselves for short distances while swimming.

What did ancient Greeks use for swimming in the Olympics?

They didn't do swimming in the ancient Olympics.

What would you might use if you go swimming?

swimming costume,goggles and a towel

How do you avoid accidents during swimming?

Drink a lot of water. Stretch before swimming. Use the facilities before swimming.

What do you use when you are swimming?

my body

Might use this when your swimming?

Goggles and a shower cap Your swimming trunk

What are some swimming records with flippers?

There are no swimming events that allow the use of fins and flippers.

What hairstyles can You do for swimming?

you could do pony tails or in a tight bun or use a swimming cap

What makes a birds feet useful for swimming?

Ducks use their webbed feet for swimming.

Can you go swimming when you have your period and you don't use tampons but i use pads? have to wear a tampon while swimming on your period, or do not swim at all.

Is swimming considered a real sport?

Yes swimming is considered a real sport. It is also the best form of physical exercise that you can do as you use all your muscles while swimming. It is one reason that they use it in physiotherapy.

What do you use to go swimming?


What do whales use the limb for?


What is a sport that does not use a ball?


How does a orca use its energy?

by swimming

What causes after body sensations For example when I was young and went swimming for a couple of hours at night when I laid down I still felt as though I was still swimming. What causes this?

well if you swimm for a long time your arms get use to swimming that's what causes that if you swim for a long time your body gets use to the swimming that's what causes that to happen when you get done swimming if you swim for a long time your body gets use to the swimming that's what causes that to happen when you get done swimming

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