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Q: What do you think the main benefits of the paralympics are?
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What are the four main sports played at the Paralympics?

one of the main sports is basketball

Where did Britain come in the 2008 summer Olympics?

Fourth in the main games and second in the paralympics.

What is the importance of the Paralympics?

james is the one who made paralympics cause he is cool but not with his glasses.

How many days will the paralympic games run for?

i think the paralympics run for 2 months

How are the Paralympics different from the Olympics?

The paralympics are for disabled people

When did Ahmed Kelly join the paralympics?

In 2012 Paralympics

Will there be an Olympic flame at the paralympics?

there is an olympic flame at the paralympics

When was Paralympics Ireland created?

Paralympics Ireland was created in 1987.

What sports can Paralympics athletes take parts in?

all the parts that they want and the ones they think that they could do or perhaps the that they could do before but think that they still can

What are the benefits of having a nuclear power plant in the Philippine cite at least 10?

I can't think of 10 benefits. The main one is not having to use or import fossil fuels.

Where was the Paralympics?

The Paralympics is like the Olympics, but for people with disabilities. Hope this answer is helpful.

Is diving in the paraolimpics?

Yes diving is in the paralympics. It was in the Beijing Paralympics 2008.