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Scottie Pippin told news media after watching a Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls Basketball game in May 2011 that he thinks LeBron James is the best basketball player of of all time over Michael Jordan.

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He still needs to progress a little bit more, he has great potential

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Q: What do you think of Scottie Pippen saying that Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan?
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What is Scottie Pippen famous for?

Scottie Pippen is famous for playing alongside Michael Jordan, with the Chicago Bulls.

When did Michael Jordan and scottie pippen meet?

the had babies

Which player is a better perimeter defender Michael jordan oemr scotttie pippen?

Some people think that Michael Jordan is better than Scottie Pippen. Some people think that Scottie Pippen is better than Michael Jordan.

Who is the best player in the NBA?

Scottie Pippen's teamate Michael Jordan.

Is Michael Jordan in NBA live for iPod touch?

No the bulls legend is Scottie pippen

Did Michael Jordan ever win a championship without Scottie Pippen?

No, he did not. Pippen won six NBA championship's; all with the Chicago Bulls (and Michael Jordan).

Who are all the players who won 6 NBA titles win the Chicago Bulls?

michael jordan and scottie pippen

Which of these players won six nba championships with the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan,Dennis Rodman,Scottie Pippen

Who were the teammates of Jordan when they won their championships?

Scottie Pippen

What athlete does Phil Jackson coach?

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Pau Gasol.

Who were The starters of the 1992-1993 Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Bill Cartwright, BJ Armstrong, Horace Grant

Who did Michael Jordan play with in the NBA?

horace grant scottie pippen bj armstrong john paxson bill cartwright dennis rodman