What do you think about cheerleading?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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I think cheerleaders are like anyone else. How people think about them is just what you see in movies. Sure there might be the one or two girls who are stuck up and snotty, but you get people who are like that without being a cheerleader. Cheerleaders work extremely hard to perfect what they do. They can practice up to every day of the week. Lifting people into the air by one foot is really hard and lifting a person by yourself is even harder. They flip through the air and that doesn't just happen. It takes lots of training and hard work. It also takes guts to get up and preform in front of everybody. I am a cheerleader and it is nothing like what people think. We have community service events each month, we work hard for our school, and we try to bring spirit and energy to all the games. Before you judge a cheerleader get to know them and how hard they work.

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think it is DEFINETLY NOT A SPORT and very annoying to us that play real sports

I think Cheerleading is fun, teaches teamwork, and builds athletic skills and spirit!

I i think it is DEFINETLY NOT A SPORT and very annoying to us that play real sports come on, what sport do you play, hockey? oh and cheerleaders lift people, about 7 stones hockey players lift sticks about 4 grams. same goes for every other practical sport, and how could it be ANNOYING? is hockey annoying? is soccer annoying, is DANCING annoying, The list goes on. oh and most 'hockey' players cant do 5 handsprings in a row, get flipped in the air and got caught, could YOU? (no offense plz)

I think cheerleading is fun, teaches teamwork, and builds athletic skills and spirit! you gooo girl! rock on, if your not one already you'd make a smashing head captain

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Q: What do you think about cheerleading?
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Yes! Cheerleading is across the world! The Cheerleading Worlds showcases all teams across the world.

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