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In European racing and some American series, when you win a race you stand on a podium. When you win a NASCAR race you stand on the roof of your car.

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Q: What do you stand on when you win a race?
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Why do jockeys stand up after a race?

some to slow down others if they win to celebrate

When was Win the Race created?

Win the Race was created in 2000.

What is important to atalanta's suitors?

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Where will Dale Earnhardt Jr. win his first race of 2011?

It is not a given that he will in fact win a race in 2011. Dale Jr. did not win a race in 2011.

Can you win a race in 2 seconds?

To win a race in two seconds would depend on the type of race that you are running. If the race is to see who goes the farthest in two seconds then it is possible to win.

How do break a maiden race horse?

Win a race

Did the black stallion win the race?

yes it di win the race in the book ''The Black Stallion''.

Who was the first person to win a drifting race?

john smith was the first person to win a drifting race.

Who would win a war of the Saiyan race vs the Zentradi race?

the saiyan race

Did Dale Earnhardt Jr. win a race in 2010?

Not a Sprint Cup Series race. He did win the Daytona race on July 2nd in the Nationwide Series.

What does without a doubt mean?

you have no concerns, you have no doubts. without a doubt he is going to win the race (believing he will win the race)

What does Without doubt mean?

you have no concerns, you have no doubts. without a doubt he is going to win the race (believing he will win the race)

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How do you win a cycling race?


What is the origin of rowing?

win the race

Why speed are so important in race car tracks?

To win the race.

Does ftw stand for for the win?

No, ftw means fight to win. Not for the win.

Who would win in a race an out of factory supra or a out of factory charger?

drag race? road race?

Who will win animal or human in a race?

Depends on the animal species, but the animal will win about 95% times if it's a proportional race.

Did Greg Biffle win a race in 2009?

Greg Biffle did not win a Nascar Sprint Cup race in 2009, but he did win 2 Nationwide Series races.

What does WIN stand for?


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Who will win the race a snail or worm?


Can you win money by completing a ski race?

yes. only if you win

Did Danica Patrick ever win a race?

Danica Patrick has never won a Nascar race. But she did win an IndyCar Series race on April 20, 2008 in Japan.