What do you put on your feet to ski?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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When one goes skiing it is very important to remember the guidelines of skiing so one does not do any harm to the body as a result of a ski accident. When one is skiing one should wear skis.

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Q: What do you put on your feet to ski?
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How ski is played?

you put skis on your feet, on a ski slope and you ski down it.

If a ski pole is 3.0 feet in length how long is the ski pole in mm?

914.4 millimeters

How do you parallel ski?

bassically, when skiing if you want to turn left u slightly put your left ski back and put more of your weight on it, then when you have completed the turn you put your ski's straight, and the same thing applies if you want to ski right. hope this helps

What is the ski mogul Olympic event?

Where the athlete's do tricks and ski on the bumps. They must keep their feet as close as possible.

What does vertical drop mean in skiing?

the term "vertical drop" is a word used by ski resorts to describe how "tall" a ski resort is. If the top of a ski resort is 13,000 feet and the base area of the resort is 10,000 feet, than the vertical drop of the resort is 3,000 feet. aka, the vertical feet between the top elevation and the base elevation.

How big is 5 feet and 12 inches?

That is 6 feet, - the length of an average downhill ski

What Order Do you put Ski Gear on?

There is no order

What ski boots are the easiest to put on?

All ski boots can be easy to put on. Simply make sure you buy the right size and the correct performance level for your skiing type. When you go to put the ski boots on just make sure to loosen the boots all the way every time. It can be harder to put on cold boots so keep your ski boots inside rather than out in the cold. Ski boots can be easy to put on, just take your time and work smarter not harder.

How do you do a submarine on a stand up jet ski?

u are supposed to jump and lift the back of your jet ski up with your feet.........push your feet hard on the side of the padding and lift it up and you should submarine

How can you put a BMX bike on a trampoline?

Change the wheels with specil ski wheels i think its called ski bike.

What do you do when you have fixed the ski lift in club penguin?

Monkeyzman87: There are many websites that tell you. you get a belt and put it on the ski lift

How do you fix the ski lift on a mission on club pengin?

Go to the ski shop and take the belt of the penguin and then put it on the ski lift . Its really funny you see his underpants.