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Q: What do you put on a bruse when playing hockey?
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How do you care an injury?

if it is a cut or a bruse, you clean it and then put a bandige on it. if you are burned put neosporin and a bandige on it.

When was Bukkene Bruse created?

Bukkene Bruse was created in 1988.

Can you put the word outcast in a sentence?

"He was an outcast amongst his classmates because he didn't enjoy playing hockey."

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I am not sure between those two options, but I really matters on the way you are trying to say it. If you are saying it to the jockey players- You girls were playing hockey. If you are the girls playing hockey- We girls were playing hockey. Hope this helps!

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Scott started playing hockey in 1988.

How do you train to be on a hockey team?

You practice playing hockey.

Does a bb gun pistal shot with a plastic bullet bruse you?

If it hits your bare kin it can bruse you.

When did Bukken Bruse disaster happen?

Bukken Bruse disaster happened on 1948-10-02.

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he started playing hockey at the age of 7.

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Sidney Crosby was playing hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Jordin TooToo started playing hockey when he was 2.

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Hermann Bruse was an artist and a political activist. Hermann Bruse was born in Germany in 1904. He was a painter and graphic artist. He was arrested for anti Nazi activities.