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you do not say that the pitcher is pitching a perfect game

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Q: What do you not say when a pitcher is pitching a perfect game?
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What is the average pitching speed for a 18 year old?

i would say fastball 85mph 90mph for a pitcher that has ben pitching for a wile

Who was the Detroit Tigers best pitcher?

I would say Armando Galarraga because he almost threw a perfect game. Other than that, I would say Justin Verlander because he threw a no-hitter in 2007.

How fast should a 14 yr old be pitching a fast ball?

i would say 75mph 80mph for a good pitcher

What is considered a complete game pitched in baseball?

It's pretty simple really - a pitcher is credited with a complete game if he is the only pitcher for his team in an official game. There is some argument as to whether a pitcher would be credited with a complete game if say, the starting pitcher didn't get any outs, then a reliever came in and finished the game. He got all the outs in the game - so did he get a complete game? Semantics, semantics...

What pitcher won and lost the same game?

I must say I have never heard of a pitcher winning and losing the same game. Please write back with the answer because I would really like to know.

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It is kind of like a jinx like when you say how good something is going kind of like when a pitcher is pitching a no hitter it's a jinx to talk about it.

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